About Us

PEIPPO Group Oy head office is located in Finland, Espoo City and it is a globally oriented architectural aluminum doors and windows system solution provider. PEIPPO doors and windows system provides for designers, investors and real estate developers modern designed and energy saving solutions. PEIPPO meet requirements of the modern trends for windows, doors and curtain wall products.

After nearly 50 years of continuous development, PEIPPO Group Oy has become a multinational group of partners in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Kazakhstan, India, Vietnam and Philippines, and still develops new business partners, mainly concentrated in Europe and in Asia.

Care for customers, care for employees, and a high level of innovation ability for PEIPPO Group Oy has enhanced it to become a reliable partner in the field of international aluminum product supplier. At the same time, the quality has formed a solid foundation for PEIPPO Group Oy expansion.